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Our Practitioners

Dr Perrin and The Perrin Clinic™ are only referring the public to practitioners licensed in the Perrin Technique™. This ensures that they should receive the appropriate treatment, under the supervision of Dr Perrin himself.

You are invited to become the only practitioner in your defined area who is licensed to use the Perrin Technique™ of diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME and be a licensed affiliate of The Perrin Clinic™ and to benefit from the nationwide publicity that The Perrin Clinic™ is enjoying.

A call centre and this Website were launched in July 2005 and involves state of the art systems with an interactive map to guide any patient to the nearest Perrin Technique™ practitioner.

Practitioners must adhere to the Perrin Technique at all times when treating a CFS/ME sufferer. They may not follow a different treatment plan and pass it off as The Perrin Technique™ or something similar as this will result in the loss of the franchise and other sanctions necessary to protect franchisees.

A Perrin Technique™ practitioner must be a registered osteopath, registered chiropractor or a chartered physiotherapist or similar. All practitioners must have a basic working knowledge of cranio-sacral techniques and must all have hands on clinical experience of at least a year in practice.