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The 9th Perrin Technique Conference in Manchester

December 2016

The highlight of the Perrin Technique practitioners calendar …the annual conference We were delighted to have two doctors from Germany who had trained in the Perrin technique and used it in their medical practices alongside other treatment protocols and both find that The Perrin technique makes a major improvement to their patient outcomes. With the NHS research completed, Lucy Hives the research assistant at The university of Central Lancashire gave her first ever lecture where she explained the details and the significance of the project results.

For all the 2016 Perrin Clinic updates click the links to the right to download the pdf. Please note some of these files are quite large but very informative !


November 2016

A new film has been made about living with fibromyalgia and treatment strategies that may help, plus the latest research. Its title is The Invisible Monster and was made on behalf of the charity Fibromyalgia Action UK by blogger and patient advocate “The Fibro Guy “ The film is available from: The Fibro Guy It features an interview with Professor Jim Richards who heads the research unit at UCLan who conducted the latest NHS research study into diagnostic signs and a ten minute interview with Dr Perrin.

Perrin Technique in Finland

February 2016

After travelling last year down to South Africa, in February this year Dr Perrin travelled up north to Finland where he taught a select group of osteopaths in The Atlas School of Osteopathy in Espoo which included one practitioner from Norway. The two day workshop was the third one that Dr Perrin has run in Scandinavia and was organised by the first Perrin Technique practitioner from Finland Aila. Kamppinen. Please look on the MAP to see the location of the new licensed Finnish Perrin technique practitioners.

Ray Perrin with the Institute of Osteopathy chief executive Maurice Cheng

November 2015

Award for Dr Perrin.

Dr Raymond Perrin DO PhD has just won the Research and Practice Award given by the Institute of Osteopathy in their first ever national awards ceremony held at their Annual convention held in Egham, Surrey over last weekend. At a gala dinner and awards evening on Saturday 21st November. In his acceptance speech Dr Perrin thanked his family, staff and patients for their support. He hopes that this award emphasises the importance of research into CFS/ME will encourage more interest in the physical aspects of this disorder.


NHS Research starting soon

July 2015

Prof Jim Richards at the University of Central Lancashire at The University of Central Lancashire have interviewed and appointed a research assistant for the NHS project who will be starting on the 1st July on the research project.

The research assistant is a physiologist with experience in working as a research assistant recruiting patients to pharmaceutical projects. She also has knowledge of Osteopathy and management of CFS/ME. There is a meeting later on in July for all the parties involved in the study to know their role and the research team should be seeing participants at Wrightington Hospital in Wigan by August.

DECEMBER 2015 : Click for the NHS advert as the trial is now underway

South Africa

April 2015 | USA

In April Dr Perrin had his first trip to the southern hemisphere to teach The Perrin Technique. The organistion Club-Physio organised the trip and Dr Perrin was kept very busy conducting two workshops back-to-back with 20 practitioners in Johannesburg and 13 in Cape Town. Dr Perrin had one day free to go down to Cape Point where Ihe saw a colony of penguins and met up with a family of baboons. The monkeys surprisingly werent that interested in The PerrinTechnique ....only if Dr Perrin had any food. So The Perrin Technique is truly going global.

Lectures to the major UK Osteopathic Colleges


Over the past few months Dr Perrin has been invited by the three main osteopathic colleges (The British School of Osteopathy, and The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London and the European School of Ostopathy in Maidstone) to lecture to their student bodies. They were all excited about the NHS research starting and the interest in The Perrin technique is at an all time high within the osteopathic profession.

Dr Perrin gave his report about the latest other CFS/ME research around the world and also led a practical refresher session on the diagnostic procedure ably helped by Gail Sumner and Kerry Maguire, the two practitioners who assessed the participants in the blind controlled study and came up trumps and were both worthy recipients of the Perrin clinic Personality of the year award.

The 2016 Conference
NHS Research 2016
Berlin November
London and Windsor
The Netherlands
Round Up 2016

Obviously to avoid any bias Dr Perrin will not be involved in the project but it is a pleasure to tell you all that on 1st July the NHS research Project into the Perrin Technique diagnosis will officially begin. It will be running for a year so that by July 2016 the results will be ready for publishing.

Dr Perrin is equaly delighted to announce that he is soon to revisit the ESO and run a workshop for a group of tutors at the college who will be teaching the techniques to the students. There will soon be a CFS/ME clinic in the school and the college will be the first in the world to teach the Perrin Technique as part of their undergraduate course. After a refresher course new graduates with experience at the ESO clinic will then be able to become licensed practioners. Hopefully this will be repeated throughout the other osteopathic, physiotherapy and chiropractic educational establishments.