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The Perrin Technique

Guidelines for examination and treatment at the Perrin Clinic Prestwich and Bushey.

All the practitioners at The Perrin clinic are here to help you without creating any further stress regarding the examination and treatment. We therefore offer a relaxed and friendly environment, which is totally patient-centered. We want you to know everything that will happen once you have entered the clinic. Firstly please try and be on time for all appointments. None of our practitioners watch the clock and some consultations or treatments may go on for longer than was booked. Please be patient if the practitioner runs a little late, your own consultation time will not be affected and it may be that your problem will need longer than booked. We always try to be on time but give every patient as long a treatment as they need. The Prestwich practice: Hot and cold beverages are available if you have to wait and plenty of reading material and toys are on hand for children. Please ask at reception if you need anything. The Bushey practice: Unfortunately there is no receptionist at the Bushey clinic but Dr Perrin will be out to greet you as soon as he finishes with the previous patient. If he is running late he will usually let you know when you arrive how long the delay will be.

What should I wear?

For most conditions, it is preferable to be able to view a patients posture and the condition of the skin which will usually involve seeing them in some state of undress. We recognize that for some patients this may be difficult. We therefore have a team of male and female practitioners to cater for patients who wish to be treated by either. Please express your preference and any concerns when booking an appointment. Changing Screens, Towels and Clinic Gowns We want you to feel as relaxed as possible. Changing screens, towels plus clinic gowns are provided for your comfort, warmth and to retain your modesty. You are welcome to use one should you prefer to keep yourself as covered as possible. You may ask for a towel at any point during your consultation and /or treatment. However when treating the body we do generally work direct on the skin and the towel and gown will be removed to expose the necessary part of your body.


Please feel free to bring somebody to accompany you during treatment. If nobody can come with you and you require a chaperone, please inform the reception when booking the appointment. Your Consent: We need your consent to examine and treat you. You may ask us to stop at any point during the consultation or treatment. Should you have any concerns, call us on 0161 773 0123

At the clinic besides CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia we deal with a range of ailments, including: Back pain Neck pain including whiplash injuries Joint pains Frozen shoulder Tennis Elbow Headaches Nerve pains Sciatica / Neuralgia [often caused by Disc bulges] Muscular problems [including spasms] Postural problems Sports injuries Arthritic pain Rheumatic pain Generalized aches and pains

All the practitioners have experience treating children and we also cater for young babies from birth onward. A full case history and wide range of examinations help us to understand your problem and its underlying causes.


The diagnostic procedure will take the form of a summary of the research findings to make sure you understand the scientific principle behind the technique. After taking a comprehensive medical history and quantifying the symptoms, a physical examination by the practitioner will take place which will last about fifteen minutes. The physical examination involves an assessment including gentle palpation of your spine, abdomen and head. The lymph vessels in the neck and chest will also be examined and therefore the examination will include a thorough breast examination, which may last a few minutes to determine the state of the overall tissues in this sensitive region. We wish to preserve your modesty at all times and as soon as we have finished any examination or treatment of the upper body we will aim to cover you up as soon as possible.

A standard consultation will include 1. A thorough case history taking. 2. Standing postural examination & sitting if required. 3. Active movement observations. 4. Passive / Palpation examination [i.e. feeling movement of relevant joints and the state of muscles etc] to determine any differences from normal. 5. Special tests: These will be determined by what you present with, e.g. we may need to perform tests for possible neurological problems, balance problems, or suspected referred symptoms.

As an example regarding posture a young patient once attended our practice with calipers to aid her walking as she had very weak muscles in her legs. Through a thorough examination of her overall spine it was determined that upper spinal mechanical strain was at the core or her problems and treatment to her spine eventually sorted out the imbalance of pelvis, hips and problems with her gait. After a few months of treatment she threw her calipers away. Sometimes what seems like a mechanical problem may be due to a medical problem that requires further medical attention at your GP or local hospital. An example of this was an elderly man who came in for a “Rub” on his right shoulder region, which was painful. After a lengthy consultation and examination it was determined that the gentleman had referred pain from an inflamed gall bladder and needed an operation to remove a very large gall stone. So things are not always quite straightforward and we are there to determine the correct diagnosis and therefore offer the most appropriate treatment program and if necessary recommend a more suitable therapy or refer you back to your GP.

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