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Workshops and Training

UK Courses

We offer 2 day Perrin Technique training courses here in the UK and also many overseas venues.

  • May 2017 Workshop

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    A 2 day workshop will include the anatomical and physiological background to Dr Perrins method of diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME incorporating hands-on examinations of patients and practical demontrations of diagnosis and treatment.

    The practitioner will be trained to a level proficient enough to manage CFS/ME patients in their practice.

    All applicants for Perrin Technique workshops / seminars who wish to become franchisees must be a registered osteopath or a registered chiro-practitioner or chartered physiotherapist.

    All practitioners must have a basic working knowledge of cranio-sacral techniques and must all have hands on clinical experience of at least a year in practice.

    The next course is in Manchester on Sunday 14th May and Monday 15th May 2017

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